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Thank you for being here to share this journey with me. I'm so happy you are here! I'm Brianne, the owner of The Flower Bar. My family and I live just outside of Rolette, North Dakota. Braden (my husband) and I have three kids, a St Bernard named Chip and a Persian Ragdoll named Cindy. We moved here from Grand Forks a few years ago. My husband is originally from Rolette while I grew up nearby on a farm near Mylo, ND. 

Our first summer living in Rolette, I planted a large garden with mostly vegetables. I faded away from vegetables and planted more and more flowers. My cut flower garden quickly became my passion, my therapy and one of my favorite places to spend time. My small hobby has now grown to a field of over 1400 peonies and a cut flower garden of as many annuals as I can fit in there. 

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I was overflowing with flowers in my hobby cut flower garden. I began to sell a few bouquets via Facebook here and there. They were too good to not share. 

While I'd love to take all the credit for my field of peonies, I really can't. My parents actually had the idea that I should start a flower farm. They watched a documentary of a peony flower farmer in Alaska and they thought of me. I ran with the idea. I scoured the internet for days and found some really great companies to work with. My peony roots came from overseas, Holland and Israel. Pretty cool, huh?


My husband, our kids and our parents spent long days in the field with me. We cleared, cultivated and fertilized the land. We laid fabric, burned holes, dug countless holes with an ice auger. I planted every single peony root myself. My knees were killing me. Lol 

I'm not going to lie. When I married my husband 10 years ago, I never thought we'd be living back home and planting a peony flower farm. But here we are and I could not be happier. I planted over 1300 peony roots. I plan to sell my peonies to florists, wholesalers, brides or whomever wants a stunning bouquet of peonies. Check out the page "wholesale" to see all the varieties I planted.



I cannot wait to share my incredible flowers with all of you. My hope is to create a warm and welcoming community of flower lovers. The Flower Bar will strive to provide best in class service, inspiration, incredible blooms and gorgeous floral arrangements. 

Some of the services that I'm proud to offer:

Subscription Flower Bouquets

Event Bulk Orders

A budget friendly option for weddings, showers, events. Buckets of flowers curated specially for your needs which will allow you to create your own beautiful arrangements. 


I am thrilled to work closely with florists and wholesalers to fill peony orders. Please feel free to contact me. 

U-Pick Experience

The Flower Bar will be hosting U-Pick sessions. Enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends and experience the flowers as you create your own floral arrangement. 

I am currently in the works of planning out U-Pick sessions. Grab a group of friends and come out for a fun U-Pick. Cut your own flowers and DIY your own bouquet. I will be hosting U-Picks for the public and also private U-Picks for larger groups. Stay tuned for more information. 

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